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Mindlock Escape Games in York

A fast paced, fun experience for 2-30 players based right in the City Centre opposite Clifford’s Tower.

In our series of unique games, each group is placed in a room and given a set amount of time to escape by solving puzzles, using strategy, creativity and logic. The goal is simple; to get out in time!

We have games which are designed specifically for teams of 2-6 players, and all take place in a custom-built, themed escape game room. With five rooms available (one double room of our Cluedo game) at present our capacity is 30 players playing at one time. The recommended age for our games is 8 years and older.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We offer the highest quality game rooms and reception space
  • Private games: We don’t mix groups so you book a room just for your own team
  • We have years of industry experience so you can trust us to deliver a thrilling escape game
  • We offer fantastic team building packages inclusive of meeting time, catering and escape games too!
Why Choose us?

Who's it for

Quite simply; YOU! Old, young, friends and family can all take part in our interactive escape games. All you need is a dash of creativity.

  • friends

    Breakout is a great, simple and fun way to spend time with friends and family. Players get a massive sense of achievement as they work together to beat the clock. Going to the movies is so last season! Why not stage a breakout instead!

  • team

    Packed full of creative and challenging puzzles, this game is a fresh and fun choice for your next team building event in York. For more information please visit our events page.

  • gamers

    You like playing online games and you’re a bit of a pro, you might even know about online escape games. Put your metal to the test in a real-life escape game; you won’t be disappointed. (Xbox and Playstation controllers not included).

  • schools

    Fed up of having your nose in a book? Looking for something to exercise those brain cells? Bring some mates and take on the challenge of an escape game; breakout in time and you’ll be our hero’s.

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Mindlock York
9 & 10 Tower Street
Y01 9SA
01904 621005